About OCDC

Online Career Development Video Tutorial

Welcome to the Office of Career Services online. We are committed to building a bridge between your education and your career at all phases of your journey. This website offers you an introduction to the resources available beginning with the parent and child exploring careers extending to the student as s/he develops career exploration skills.

Additional Services

In addition to the online career development assessment, OCDC offers the following services:
Presentations and Seminars on Career Development
Presentations for educators and administrators surrounding the latest theories and methods in career development are given to address the needs of institutions ranging from grade school to university.
Career Guidance for Parents
Parent eager to assist their children in making intelligent career choices can seek consultation from one of our representatives.

Career Guidance

The Career Counseling Center provides a full range of career guidance and counseling services to its students and the surrounding community by assisting with major exploration and career advising. The Online Career Development Center (OCDC) offers lot of services